Mickey's Weight Loss Journey

What's Makes This Program Different?

You've tried many programs before this one...this is why it's different:

  • No diets, no pills, no potions!

  • No foods off limits!

  • No insane workouts!

  • No long hours for workouts or food prep!

Coaching with Nicole

Private Personalized Coaching

"I have accomplished so much in my life...but I just can't seem to do this! I have tried everything and nothing seems to work anymore. I just can't lose the weight." I hear this from women who hire me. The diet industry has been telling you lies...you do NOT need to beat yourself up with grueling workouts... or stop eating bread...or spend HUGE amounts of time planning/prepping/doing...or need some pill, potion or shake!! But you are doing it all BACKWARDS!! You CAN eat the foods you love AND doing movement that you LOVE! But you first have to fix what is running around in your brain! I will teach you how to UNLEARN everything that is holding you back...everything that is sabotaging you from living in the body you REALLY want to live in! It starts with scheduling a Discovery Call with me.

What You Will Learn

  • How to eat your favorite foods AND still lose weight!

  • How to incorporate your workouts into YOUR lifestyle NOT the other way around!

  • You'll understand why you do (or don't do) the things that sabotage your efforts!

  • How to be accountable to yourself and not rely on motivation or look for inspiration from others!

  • You'll know EXACTLY how to lose weight at any point in your life no matter what is going on in your life!

"It's wonderful to move through my 40's and feel increasingly at home in my body."

What's Included:

  • Yearly Program

  • Over the year together, you will be able to get support through all the holidays, vacations and whatever life brings to you!

  • Weekly private coaching calls

  • This is where we discover all the obstacles and work on creating solutions.

  • On -Demand Access to the Master Your Mind To Change Your Body Course (see below for course outline)

  • This is a on-demand video vault of all my foundational work. This will help you build a strong foundation so you can not just lose the weight but to keep it off.

  • Custom workout plan designed just for you and your goals.

  • Stress-Free Eating Guide

"What I like best is it makes me happy and feel good about myself!"

Health and Fitness Coach Nicole Simonin

NICOLE SIMONIN Since 2006, Nicole has been helping women lose weight for the last time. Nicole is an ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Health Coach, ACE Behavioral Coach, TEDx Speaker, tv host of Healthy Travel with Nicole, host of “Weight Loss for Women Over 40” (formerly Shape It Up Over 40) podcast, author of “The No Fuss, No Mess Cookbook”, licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and former professional ballet dancer. Nicole has been featured in Rachael Ray in Season, Bicycling Magazine, Real Simple and MSN.

Jessica down 90lbs!

Image How Different Your Life Will Be When You Lose The Weight?

Request a Discovery Call if you have any questions.

Sharon down 19 lbs!

Sharon returned and WOW! She has done a phenomenal job!! Sharon has lost 19 lbs and 5.5 inches in her waist and 3 inches in her hips. Sharon continues to get stronger and stronger! Note: All my success stories are about real people. These picture are untouched and depict what is REAL. I do not give crazy diets or tons of cardio to get results. My clients are focused on the rest of their life not just a 12 week program 😉

Michele down 40lbs!

Colleen down 40lbs!